Film outings

The Waterlands Cinema is a unique venue housed in a working wool shed. Part of the shed has been fitted out as a 20-seat cinema, with comfortable, tiered seating and all facilities.

The proprietors have a huge catalogue of classic and past films, constantly updated with recent titles. Organisers usually select a recent film, that may have not been seen by many who attend.

The cinema owner introduces the film with some background information, before we settle in to enjoy the show. Afterward, there is the chance to chat about the film over a cuppa and some afternoon tea.

Half the proceeds from the tickets goes to the organising group and, in our case, we use this money to supplement our support of the JWOC scholarship student in Cambodia. The proprietors of the cinema also forward any profits, after their running costs have been taken out, to local charities.

This activity is enjoyed by film lovers, our friends and anyone looking for an enjoyable day out.