Anzac Display at Bellbrae Church on 24 April 2016

What a grand display we had at Bellbrae Uniting Church on Sunday 24 April when we remembered those who had made sacrifices on our behalf during wars. Our displays reflected on relatives, friends and an unknown warrior. They had gone off to war when called upon by King or Queen and Country. There were photographs, medals, hats, tales and more.

Our exhibitors spoke briefly on what they had to share. Maxine talked about her father, Noel about his grandfather, John about his father, Bev about her father, Martin about his uncle and family, Carleen about a previously unknown warrior now known, Margaret about her father, Mike about living in London during WWII, Karleen with tears in her eyes about her sons, Shirley spoke about her time in war service. What a privilege it was to be present.

Many at our commemoration made comment and added to the significance and value of the moment. It was all too apparent, that most of those, who had seen service, had experienced turbulent times during the war and for all too many there were turbulent time after, as a result of what they had been through.

Almost as a postscript, I spoke to our muso John as we locked up only to learn that he had an uncle at Pearl Harbour. 
Thanks to all….. Martin

Photos of the Display

CIMG5713 Stephens Carleen

CIMG5716 Maxine