The Importance of Clean Stoves for Africa

Val in Tanzania

Many of you probably know that Ihave recently two months working as a volunteer at St John’s University of Tanzania. On arrival I was appointed Acting Director of Research and Consultancy, and in conjunction with that position, worked on the Africa Clean Stoves project. This work is on-going and I seek your assistance. I’d love to hear from you:

(1) If you belong to a group that would like me to speak about Tanzania and the project;

(2) If you are able to use Review on Word to translate a paper or graduate thesis from Tanzanian English into British English; and/or

(3) If you would like to buy or on-sell a box of 50 Cadbury chocolate bars ($1 a bar or $50 a box). Val Clarke (5271 4207 or

It will make a real difference if we can help in replacing charcoal and wood stoves with smokeless pyrolytic soaves in Africa.

Helping Africa replace the Charcoal and Wood burning stoves currently in use with the smokeless Pyrolytic stoves will make a difference, it will.

 HELP provide an alternative fuel source to REDUCE

  • Deforestation
  • Respiratory problems
  • Eye Problems
  • Burning of waste biomass
  • Cooking cost in poor villages


  • Crop production
  • Quality of life